Valdama was founded in 2005. Founded by Daniele Vitali, it is located in the industrial district of Civita Castellana and is skilled in the production of high quality ceramic washbasins and sanitary ware.

The knowledge of the material and the know-how of ceramic product processing is actually longstanding. It is based, in fact, on the experience inherited from the previous family company – called  “Varm” that was founded in 1979 by Gastone Vitali, Daniele's father, dedicated to the production of plates and tableware of excellent craftsmanship, completely handmade.

It is precisely on this background that Valdama has built the guidelines for its production.

In its industrial set-up the company has maintained, in fact, the organizational and productive flexibility of the craft model, which today constitutes a significant distinctive sign that differentiates it from other companies in the sector.

The possibility of producing, from time to time, limited series of products using independent firing ovens and the possibility of easily alternating the molds in production, represent two great advantages in terms of production and market that allow the company to respond in a fast way to specific requests and special needs of its customers.


The care of the manual procedure in the finishing production step allows, in fact, to customize color and effects.