Ceramiche Supergres, a well-established brand and part of the Gruppo Concorde, the leader in the production of ceramic tiles, is a dynamic and streamlined company, which looks upon innovation as a key tool to meet, in real-time, the needs of evolving trends and styles. A special attention towards the market that, together with innovative technologies, avant-garde research and the large investments made by the Gruppo Concorde, has allowed Ceramiche Supergres to translate the customer’s needs into high-quality solutions and flexible and personalised services.

Ceramiche Supergres produces a wide range of surfaces for residential and commercial buildings: porcelain stoneware floors for indoor and outdoor application, walltiles for kitchens and bathrooms. Always paying attention to the new trends, the Company creates high-quality ceramic tile collections, able to meet every style requirement with aesthetic research and state-of-the-art technology.

With Ceramiche Supergres collections you can dress your spaces as if with tailor-made suits, choosing a New Classic style for a refined and romantic touch, High-tech inspirations for a contemporary, minimalist house, Native hints recalling untamed nature or Glamour reflections to express, through ceramics, the strongest and most fascinating trends.

A wide spectrum of surfaces to create, in your home, personal and unique atmospheres able to combine with the interior design styles and trends of today and tomorrow.