Over 120 million square meters of tile laid around the world, from America to Europe and from Asia to Oceania: that’s a concrete guarantee of the rock-solid reliability of Mirage, a company that has helped shape the story of porcelain stoneware worldwide.

Long experience, along with major investments in research and technology over the years, have helped our company meet with efficiency and flexibility to the demands of the design world and the construction sector, offering solutions that are ever more innovative and sophisticated, in terms of both reliability and design.

Expertise, enthusiasm, and efficiency: unique assets that Mirage puts at your disposal, for optimal results on projects large and small.

Airports, shopping centers, subways, public and private spaces, from large surfaces to small ones, from ventilated facades to raised floors. Mirage porcelain stoneware has always provided high-quality, high-tech solutions for all kinds of demands, in terms of both design and application, for the world of flooring and cladding.
High-tech porcelain stoneware has become a key material for everyone involved in designing and decorating contemporary living spaces.

To represent the outstanding quality of Italian ceramics worldwide and to be a key reference for the design sector and construction market.
With its qualitative research, innovative design, and advanced technology, Mirage offers not just aesthetic but structural solutions for the design and decoration of contemporary living spaces.
To create added value for dealers, associates, and designers, as the perfect partner in the delicate phase of design and project management.