Flaminia has long since decided to work  on a choral design project, where artists form different backgrounds, drawing their inspiration from different cultures and traditions, give their own interpretation of ceramics and bathroom design. To an ever greater extent, final consumers seem to prefer mixing different products to create a home that reflects their personality. Hence the company’s ongoing search for designers of great cultural prominence, with an innovative design approach and a highly recognisable style.

Different styles, from minimal to organic, from rational to artistic, and a common approach: a feeling for the material and an incessant search for new expressive languages that relies on the skills of the company’s expert craftsmen.

Flaminia dedicates much of its energy to the development of solutions that can support and give shape to the creativity of the designers, as well as make it possible to realise highly complex projects. Invariably, the result is a new breakthrough in terms of the aesthetic and functional potential of ceramic materials. Nowadays, the company is the only one in its field that can boast a collaboration with a rich group of designers from different countries who have achieved worldwide acclaim.