Casa dolce casa is the brand designed for top tier residential architecture. Just as its name suggests, this brand is inspired by warmth, the harmony of the colors and natural surfaces. The rich and refined materials achieve a fine balance between the traditional and contemporary.
Casa Dolce Casa is a young Italian company that has chosen quality and creativity as its distinguishing features.
Established in 1994 at Fiorano Modenese, Casa Dolce Casa (Italian for home sweet home) set its goal at creating products with a natural appearance and an innovative use of colour.

In 2005 Casa Dolce Casa became part of Florim Ceramiche S.p.A., a world-leading company in the ceramic industry.

Casa dolce casa is the brand dedicated to high-end residential architecture, offering warm settings inspired by harmonious colours and natural surfaces.
Casa dolce casa ceramic tiles done with rich and sober materials are skilfully put together by shape and colour to create innovative tiling solutions for different home styles, delicately balanced between tradition and modernity.

To decorate living spaces with harmony: that is our goal, and a challenge for anyone pursuing the delicate balance between people and their homes.
The spaces in which we live affect us closely. They influence our lives and add many different shades.

Modern homes are a fusion of objects and styles that “contaminate” each other, overlapping and coexisting. Casa Dolce Casa transforms these requisites into products designed to meet customers’ requirements.